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Crop Insurance in Seward and Lincoln, NE and surrounding areas

Keep Your Farm Afloat in Times of Trouble.

Everyone has their safety nets. For farmers, the most vital safety net of all is crop insurance. Floods, droughts and other forms of high-impact weather can damage and even destroy crops, disrupting agricultural businesses across the nation. When Mother Nature and markets alike become unpredictable, crop insurance allows for financial relief and much-needed security — plus the ability to stay competitive, creative and on-schedule, even in the face of catastrophe.

According to National Crop Insurance Services, the food and fiber system accounts for about 15 percent of the American economy. In 2013, 1.2 million polices were sold protecting more than 120 different crops covering 296 million acres — an area larger than Texas and California combined — with an insured value of $124 billion. If you’re a farmer, having crop insurance is a must.

Private companies like Kirby Roth Insurance, Inc. offer the latter through two basic types of crop insurance for your farm or ranch:

  • Crop-yield insurance covers excess losses to your crops due to natural disasters such as drought or flood as well as other perils like insects or disease.
  • Crop-revenue insurance covers negative changes in the price of a crop that occurs during the crop’s growing season.

Crop insurance doesn’t just benefit established farmers. It also allows novice farmers to do such things as accrue credit. For everyone else, crop insurance protects against disruption and uncertainty in food production. This is the sort of insurance that provides stability on a broader level.

Talk to a specialist at Kirby Roth Insurance, Inc. to learn more about how Crop insurance can help ensure the continued service of your farm for years to come.


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